Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MBX/3D drivers out for N8x0 (and other OMAP2)

In other news, the drivers was uploaded to TI extranet yesterday - this is something people have waited for, for a long time. And you need to create a TI ( account for this. For those who want to have access the SDK need to send a mail to stating your need for the SDK mentioned below.

You need to then click "Extranets" on and then WTBU-OMAP Gaming SDK and then OpenGL®ES Graphics SDK for OMAP2420 Nokia N800 OpenGL ES v1.1 and OpenVG 1.0 SDK based on Linux kernel 2.6.21

A fair warning: These drivers are not for the weak at heart. You need to flash a new kernel. You may need to fix up some build scripts and run some mysterious commands. They will not work that easily out of box.

While I kinda assume this will be drowned out in Meego announcements and discussion, well, I got the mail last night

Thanks to qwerty12, javispedro, lardman, the TI guys (Girish, Ameet) and the Nokians helping out to make this reality and others.


  1. Are those drivers OSS or is this just a binary blob ?

  2. This is very exciting news, many thanks for the work you and the rest have done to get the drivers out.

  3. Drivers (kernel) are OSS, libraries closed source, but comes with debug symbols.

  4. I understand that they are not for final consumption right now. However, are they free (as in beer) for distribution. I.e., can we think of a Mer image release with these inside?

    Very good news... we have been looking forward for them

  5. Indeed it is very exciting news! Yes, thank you all who have worked hard at getting this to happen.

  6. awesome ! Hope to see a mer image using it soon :D