Thursday, May 20, 2010

First instance of 'What have I done for the N8x0's lately'

So, this is a new series of blog series on what I've done for the N8x0's lately. So people better see what I've actually tried to do for the owners of these devices.

* I've spent a lot of time with the MBX 3d driver to try to get it in good shape and set up gitorious repo for it and forward ported it to 2.6.33. At the current stage,
* Started a page for the MeeGo N8x0 hardware adaptation team and added plans/milestones
* Working on stabilising MeeGo N8x0 startup, building Xomap for it. I have it running with Xfce4 on my device and hope to show it after 1.0 release.
* Worked with tmr to try and get DSP working on 2.6.33 for N8x0. He forward ported the patches himself.

These are fairly technical things, but should hopefully manifest in actual benefits sooner or later.