Sunday, October 4, 2009

Maemo Summit talks of interest to Mer team members

So, Maemo Summit 2009 is coming up - and many people who are contributing to Mer are going to this event.

From my perspective, there are some interesting talks that apply to Mer contributors and I can recommend seeing:


10:15 Maemo 5 and the Nokia N900 by Ari Jaaksi, VP - Maemo Devices @ Nokia

12:15 Harmattan Highlights - Developer Opportunities by Janne Heikkinen, Director - Maemo Product Planning @ Nokia

14:15 Why the Maemo Community matters to Nokia - Alan "qole" Bruce of Maemo Community Council interviewing Ari Jaaksi, VP - Maemo Devices @ Nokia

15:00 N800 room: Cross-platform with Qt - live - Ariya Hidayat, Software Engineer, Nokia
15:00 N900 room: UX panel (Tim Samoff et al)
15:00 N810 room: UI design of Maemo 5 apps - Annu-Maaria Nivala, UX team, Digia

15:30 N810 room: Developing widgets on Maemo 5 - showcase Foreca Weather,Juha Järvi, Software Designer, Foreca
15:30 N800 room: Mer - how the community innovates - Carsten Munk, Lead Developer, Mer project

16:00 N810 room: Developing apps with Qt for Maemo5 - Kate Alhola, Forum Nokia, Chief Guru on Maemo
16:00 N800 room: Your foundation for open-source innovation: TI’s OMAP processor-based Zoom platform. - Ameet Suri, Texas Instruments

16:30 N810 room: Developing apps with Qt on Harmattan - Ville Lavonius, Product Manager Developer Offering, Nokia and Jussi Mäkinen, Maemo Marketing, Nokia

17:00 N800 room: Harmattan Architecture Overview - Juha Tukkinen, Principal Engineer, Architecture and Sys, Nokia

20:00 Maemo Party in FlexBar coordinated by Jussi Mäkinen. It's a public bar and the doors are open to anybody. Our program will go until 23h or so, but the bar is open until really late with good music. Don't forget the Saturday schedule, though. :)

- where I'll have Mer stickers for your devices along for registered Mer contributors :)


11:00 N900 room: Designing UI for Maemo 5 - Mox Soini
11:00 N810 room: PyQt application development on Maemo - Attila Csipa

12:00 N810 room: Introducing the Harmattan UI framework - Tomas Junnonen
12:00 770 room: BOF, Extras/autobuilder/interfaces round-table (for those interested)

14:30 Lightning talks:

Development Nirvana: How Maemo Application Development Should Be - Andrew Flegg

DVCS? git? - How does that work then? - David Greaves (you'll want to know this skill)

15:45 N810 room: Adapting GNOME applications to Maemo Fremantle - Joaquim Rocha
15:45 N800 room: Contributing with Git & Gitorious - Johan Sørensen (we use Gitorious extensively in Mer)

16:15 N900 room: Mer - a year after - Carsten Munk (a talk on what has gone on in the last year regarding Mer)
16:15 770 room: Git hands-on workshop - David Greaves (useful skill)

16:45 N900 room: Bug Management - Andre Klapper

17:30 N800 room: The Qt Mobility Project - Alex Luddy

18:00 N810 room: Maemo and oFono - Aki Niemi, Rémi Denis-Courmont
18:00 N900 room: The Maemo 5 Address Book - Mathias Hasselmann, Travis Reiter
18:00 N810 room: Publishing your software through
Niels Breet
18:00 770 room: BoF: The future of GTK+/Hildon in Maemo Harmattan, Alberto Garcia, Claudio Saavedra


11:00 N800 room: Building for Mer - David Greaves

11:30 N800 room: Designing QT application for Maemo 5 and Maemo 6 - Sergiy Dubovik, Ian Monroe

12:00 N800 room: Maemo Platform Security: Principles and Concepts - Elena Reshetova
12:00 770 room: Extending the Hildon desktop - Marc Ordinas i Llopis (we are switching to Fremantle hildon-desktop in 0.17)

12.30: N900 room: Towards painless and quality translations - Dimitris Glezos
12.30: N810 room: Telepathy on Maemo - Marco Barisione
12.30: 770 room: What to do about /opt in Fremantle - Marius Vollmer

14.30 lightning talks:

How to speed up your Maemo application development - Raul Herbster
N900 HW architecture overview & power management - Igor Stoppa
From corporations to communities: responsible and effective engagement - Randall "Texrat" Arnold
Mer from a user's perspective - Tomasz Dominikowski

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